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Resume: Richard Worrall

Born in 1960, Richard Worrall achieved academic distinction at an early age by winning the Top Scholarship to Monkton Combe School, Bath (1973-78). After gaining good grades at O & A-levels he went on to graduate from Cambridge University with a B.A.(hons) in Natural Sciences in 1982, converted to an M.A. a year later.

He worked in the I.T. industry, for several years, for such employers as Ferranti Computer Systems, 3M U.K., Bath University and Bristol University. In 1989 he obtained a C.G.L.I. 730 (adult education) from Thames Valley University and set up Bracknell Tutors to provide extra tuition In the Berkshire area. Running Bracknell Tutors, he also taught in various establishments including Presentation College (Reading), Reading, Basingstoke, Newbury, Windsor and Maidenhead Colleges.

Since 1992 he has worked full time as a private tutor. He has helped hundreds of pupils to improve performance in Maths, English and the Sciences. He has a 'non-Didactic' attitude of empathy and performs all the repeated exercises with the puplis. He spends more time getting his pupils to complete specific tasks and exercises, than talking. He has a motto of 'Doing is learning' and believes confidence is acquired through competence. Under his guidance many have passed entrance exams, scholarships or achieved required grades at all levels. Hundreds of pupils have gained basic skills in reading writing and arithmetic or overcome problems and gained confidence as a result of his tuition.

Personality and Interests

He is an 'intuitive' and 'empathetic' person (Myers - Briggs personality type INFP). This means he is well suited to one - on - one coaching. He brings patience, compassion and insight to his work. A quiet and dedicated professional, possessing great skill and experience, he derives deep satisfaction from helping others. His interests include meditation, psychology and positive thinking involved in personal development. He has attended many positive attitude seminars and counselling courses and maintains an interest in modern faiths. He constantly strives to improve his mind through his interests.

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