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Philosophical Approach

We believe that, although success has many ingredients including hard work, diligence, consistency, persistence and perhaps some good fortune, the three most important elements are a positive belief, desire and expectancy.


It could be argued that a positive mental attitude is the most important determinant of achievement, rather than natural ability. A positive belief in a positive outcome is the winning attitude for any achievement. This attitude can be cultivated at any age by good feedback and study techniques. The tutor's belief in the student's potential is crucial initially, and negative feedback is never offered. After encouragement, we find students develop some competence and this breeds confidence. The student's confidence will also be enhanced to an even greater extent by the knowledge that personal difficulties can be overcome and that self-belief is rewarded by achievement.


From first-hand experience the student learns that problems are not insurmountable and that 'anything that can be conceived and believed' can be achieved. Our focus is on the acquisition of the most important skills for success in a subject. The gain in competence leads to lasting improvements in confidence and classroom performance. Improvements in basic skills often produce marked changes attitude and outlook. Often, recalcitrant or challenging pupils become quieter and start contributing positively to class activities, while extremely quiet and nervous pupils develop enough confidence to contribute well. We believe that basic skills in reading, writing and arithmetic are essential life skills.


All academic achievement needs a thorough grounding in the basics and a confident attitude of positive self-regard. Positive self-regard is necessary to endure setbacks and the rigours of successful study. Competence in the basics allows the pupil to think clearly, follow instructions and perform without stress. Positive feedback in the classroom produces some powerful programming for a stable, high self-regard. The saying 'nothing succeeds like success' has meaning because we find from everyday experience that few things are more motivating than some success! For this reason we can work with low initial levels of motivation and still get great improvements. The highest achievements will require the highest aspirations. return to 'about us'

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