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Established in 1989, Bracknell Tutors delivers lasting improvements in pupils' academic performance through successful programs evolved over quarter of a century. Our approach involves rigorous training through intense repetition. At the Pre-G.C.S.E. level, traditional teaching, chanting and innovative methods are combined in a package that focuses on a few 'key' skills to produce competence and confidence in a few months. At more advanced levels we focus on fundamental concepts and skills appropriate to the subject, including skills in algebra, analysis, creative writing, I.T. skills etc..


We consider the three most important factors in determining a successful academic outcome to be 'belief', 'desire' and 'expectancy'. A positive belief in a positive outcome is the winning attitude for any achievement. This attitude can be cultivated by good feedback and study techniques. We find competence breeds confidence. Confidence and positive self-regard are vital for motivation. We can't impart a 'hunger' for achievement, but when students start to gain skills and learn they can overcome difficulty, a greater aspiration and enthusiasm naturally arises. Disruptive pupils, or very quiet students, generally begin to contribute positively to school classes. more

The Proprietor

The design of all the courses and much of the tutoring is done by the proprietor, Richard Worrall. A Cambridge Graduate with a Masters Degree in Natural Sciences (Molecular Genetics), He brings over 25 years experience in full-time tutoring to his work. for more details view his resume

Services Offered

We offer one-on-one private tuition in your home or at our facility. Usually sessions of an hour or ninety minutes are given once a week for one or two terms to produce significant changes in performance. We also offer 'Skype' lessons at lower cost to supplement tuition or suit lower budgets. We give courses in Revision and Study Techniques and career counselling.

Tuition:- Tuition for eighteen months is usually sufficient to produce permanent changes, giving lifelong benefits. We focus on English and Maths at first as these subjects affect all the others. Lessons can be 60 minutes, 90 minutes or two hours, depending on the client's objectives and resources. Tuition at our facility is at a lower rate and we can give discounts for prepayment.

Skype Lessons:- One-to-one tuition can be supplemented by skype lessons early in the morning at luchtime or even on holiday abroad. Skype lessons are suitiable as low cost supplements for students attempting entrance exams, GCSE's or A'levels. The Skype Package is a download, that allows the user to talk and view someone else with Skype over the internet.

Classes:- Revision and Preparatory Classes are offered at all levels, for native English Speakers and also for foreign students, wishing to study in the UK. For details of all our Courses go to the Courses page.

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