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How to register

Enter your details in the applications page, putting the job reference in the 'Job Sought' section, if applying for a specific post advertised below. The Job reference will be displayed next to the job advertised. If you are entering your details to register your availability for tuition, please type 'Tuition' in the 'Job Sought' section and indicate what subjects you wish to teach and at what level, in the 'Subjects/ Level Offered' section. Click Applications to register as a Tutor or apply for any job listed below.

Qualifications and Experience Needed

The Minimum qualification for Lecturing abroad is normally a Degree, but some short term specialist contracts may not require a degree. For Tuition in the U.K., a qualification above the level you are teaching, would normally suffice, but some teaching qualification would be expected, if you do not have a degree. Tutors teaching children would be expected to have had a recent police check.

Training Available

We may offer Training for successful candidates, particularly for overseas positions. We can give short courses in our teaching methods and other introductory course in cultural awarenes for those working in China. Mandarin and E.F.L. may allso be offered to suitable candidates. Those without formal teaching qualifications or experience will be expected to attend short courses before starting work.

Tuition in the Thames Valley, U.K.

Register with Ref:TTA13

Teaching English in China (E.F.L.)

Short Contract (1 semester) Ref:EFL141
Year Contract (2 semester) Ref:EFL142

Lecturing in China (1 or 2 Modules)

Art and Design (1 to 2 Modules) Ref:ADBA141
Animation (1 to 2 Modules) Ref:AABA142
Engineering (1 to 2 Modules) Ref:ENBSC143
Food Science (1 to 2 Modules) Ref:FSBSC144

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