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1) The client or visitor to this site shall not reproduce or use any part, picture, image or data on this site for any commercial or other purpose.
2) The Client or visitor agrees to use this site for lawful purposes.
3) Any Teacher who is given work through this site shall behave in a way that upholds the good reputation of edulinkinternational Co. Ltd.
4) Any Teacher who is given work in foreign countries agrees to abide by the laws of that country and to follow the customs of that country.
5) Any teacher who works in China agrees not to disseminate any religious, political or other material unconnected to his or her work.
6) Teachers given work through this site agree to abide by written contracts or verbal agreements.
7) Any Student studying in the UK agrees to abide by the laws and customs of the UK.
8) Students agree to behave in a reasonable way and pay off outstanding debts before returning to their country of origin.
9) Students agree to pay tuition fees on time and to follow university customs proceedures and rules when studying in the UK.
10) students and teachers shall endeavour to behave in a courteous manner, respectful of the property, culture and values of the society in which they will be living.
11) Students and teachers will pay any money owed to Edulinkinternational Co. Ltd. promptly
12) Disagreements will be resolved by constructive dialogue, or failing that, in UK courts

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