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The 4 Temperaments

Traditionalists (SJ)

(Possible Motto: - 'Early to bed, Early to rise')

Traditionalists include the 4 personality types that are both Sensors and Judgers, namely ESFJ, ISFJ, ESTJ and ISTJ. People with this temperament enjoy work that is structured and organized, with a clear chain of command. They value established institutions, family, friends and their social groups. They follow established procedures and expect others to do so too. They are well suited to working in organizations like the police force or the army, where friendships are prized.

Experiencers (SP)

(Possible Motto: - 'Eat, drink and be merry!')

Experiencers include the 4 personality types that are both Sensors and Perceivers, namely ESFP, ISFP, ESTP and ISTP. this Group of personalities includes all types that are Sensors and Perceivers. Being short range, tactical thinkers, they are practical grounded people who tend to live in the moment. Naturally spontaneous and fun-loving, they have a great zest for life. They are not great long-term planners and their orientation to life in the 'now' can make them reckless, even irresponsible. Conversely, it can also make them brave and resourceful.

Idealists (NF)

(Possible Motto: - 'To thine own self be true')

Idealists include the 4 personality types that are both Intuitives and Feelers, namely ENFP, INFP, ENFJ and INFJ. Intuitives are oriented around their feelings and are naturally empathetic, caring people with long term vision. As they seek changes, improve minds and environments, they pursue long range ideals. Their aspirations can endow them with missionary zeal. Often mystical and visionary, idealists are not practical earthy people but inspirational and devotional, aiming to extract the best. This can make them good therapists, educators, or care professionals.

Conceptualizers (NT)

(Possible Motto: - 'Be excellent in all things')

Conceptualizers include the 4 personality types that are both Intuitives and Thinkers, namely ENTP, INTP, ENTJ and INTJ. This group of personalities includes all types that are long term in vision and logical. Tough minded, assertiveness with long-term orientation makes them managerial. Conceptualizers value competence, and are driven to high achievement and have great confidence. They naturally gravitate towards powerful, successful people. Conceptualizers work well with theoretical concepts and enjoy work solving complex problems.

Personality types grouped into the 4 temperaments





















If the student is unable or unwilling to analyze type, they may be able to find their temperament more easily. Knowing their temperament, may give students more confidence in career choices, as they will know they are, at least, temperamentaly suited to the work.

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