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Overcoming Difficulties

We coach students of any age and background in almost any subject. We specialise in literacy and numeracy at primary levels and focus on learning a few key skills to transform performance. Programs are adapted to suit the student's personality, gender, background and particular problem. Great success has been attained with students with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, cerebral palsy, attention deficit disorders, and difficulties associated with autism and aspergers syndrome. We have also reversed many learning difficulties that can develop as a result of family break up, death, relocation and those that come with difficult school environments, bullying, expulsion and problems with teachers at school.


Without specific exams, success in overcoming learning difficulties is harder to quantify . However our work with children deemed 'Educationally Sub-Normal' (ESN), has given them the ability to read, write, add up and do arithmetic. These lifelong skills have often been imparted after only a few months tutoring. Children with challenging behaviour or very quiet pupils have responded well to learning some basic skills. Rowdy, rebellious children start to behave and most will start to contribute positively to school classes. Pupils expelled from many schools have transformed their attitude, even learning some Latin and Greek! Some of our Pupils who have achieved exceptional transformation in performance and attitude, are recorded into our Hall of fame. click the Hall of Fame page to view.

Achieving Success

Students without specific problems, may wish to attain personal goals, even if only keeping up with their friends or being more comfortable in class. Our programs, so adapted, can also help students pass entrance exams or gain scholarships. Since the exercises in our programs strengthen concentration and memory and lengthen attention span, we see great improvements in confidence and ability to solve problems, including verbal and non-verbal reasoning questions.


We have had success in helping pupils to pass scholarships and entrance exams. Over the years, many of our pupils haved passed 11+ or grammar school entrance exams, including Reading Boys School. Our pupils have also passed entrance to Kendrick School, Slough Grammar, Langley Grammar, Wellington College, St Georges, Pangbourne, Eton and Bradfield. Some have gained scholarships and bursaries to Licensed Victuallers' School and others click Testimonials to view some testimonials.

G.C.S.E. and A' Level Students

problems encountered by those at GCSE or A'Level are mainly associated with lack of motivation, confidence and belief. These are indicators of low competence in some basic skills and poor grasp of key concepts. Training in Study skills, and other important skills like algebra techniques or essay writing can transform competence and attitudes quickly. The acquisition of key skills can dramatically reverse poor peformance. Students need to believe they can improve before undergoing rigors of training and this starts when they realize their mastery of some basic skills. Tuition in private allows the pupil to rehearse performance in public. Preparation is the key to all public performance, especially public examinations and any negative mind can be overcome by the appropriate positive action. We find nothing succeeds like 'success' in changing aspirations and attitudes.


The influence of tuition on outcome at GCSE and A' Level depends on the severity of the problem and the student's determination and application. A good tutor-student relationship is more crucial, the older the student. Even with all the variables, it is normally possible to improve performance by several grades over one year.



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