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All students undergo an initial assessment to ascertain the nature of any problems and establish objectives, including the skills, knowledge and concepts needed to attain them. Based on this, a program of repeated exercises and activities will be applied. Lifelong skills can be acquired over a relatively short timescale, though patience may be needed.

Pre - G.C.S.E. Methods

The focus is on Reading, Writing and Arithmetic and the phonics and mental math's skills involved. Learning anything means gaining familiarity with the subject material. Intense repetition is generally effective in establishing the foundations for lifelong improvements. While eventually providing great competence and confidence, repetition can be challenging. We have devised many techniques to catalyse the learning process and boost motivation, including the use of music or pictures, colouring, timing games etc. Our 'Points Scoring' programs are powerful short-term motivators as is the use of our Hall of Fame page to record exceptional performances. click on links below to see more.

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G.C.S.E. and A'level Methods

The Methods used for study at GCSE varies widely, depending on the individual. Sometimes, repairing gaps in knowledge or basic skills can dramatically improve performance. In all cases, a good grasp of algebra, statistics and I.T. are essential for improvements in Science and Math's. In general, excellent grammar, spelling, essay writing and word power transform academic outcomes. The higher the level of study, the greater the need for good study, revision and exam techniques. At A'level and beyond, students need to be familiar with the fundamental concepts in their subject, especially in the Sciences. We focus on deriving formulae from first principles and exploring theoretical models in different situations. Understanding the student's personality type, helps the tutor to teach and advise.

Higher or Further Education Methods

Apart from learning relevant subject matter, the focus will be on the acquisition of study skills, academic English, I.T. research and essay techniques. Self-knowledge, including the understanding of personality type, can help self expression and academic decisions. In further education, self expression can be enhanced through gaining word power and career advancement achieved by developing Office skills, I.T skills, C.V. writing etc.

Special Needs Methods

The selection of method depends on the student's subject, skills and age. We find that those with minor learning difficulties can progress well with slight modifications to their program. A reduction in progam intensity is usually required, but long term results will still be profound. Those with more severe learning difficulties may need specialist help.


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