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Study and Exam Techniques

Study Skills
I.T. Skills
Common Entrance and 11 plus
GCSE's and A' Levels
Oxbridge and University Entrance
Planning and Personal Development

Effective study skills and the correct mental attitude become increasingly important, the higher the level of study. The courses in note-taking, planning and preparation are short, practical and very effective. By practising these techniques, the student learns how to apply him/herself most effectively to the assimilation of information. Students are generally amazed at how easy and simple these techniques are. With careful planning and persistence, dramatic improvements in performance and outlook can be achieved with relatively little effort. With this approach, the hard grind of revision can be turned into an easy and joyful process.

Academic Subjects

Reading, Writing and Arithmetic
Maths and English
The Sciences
I.T. and Computing
Art and Design
Latin and Ancient Greek
Modern Languages
Other Academic Subjects

As explained in the 'about us' pages our approach involves gaining a rigorous grounding in the Basic Skills of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. Skills in Reading and Writing as well as the development of adventurous reading habits have profound implications for academic performance later. In addition to the subject material, we find that strong Key stage 3 and 4 skills in Maths and English are vital for success in all the other subjects, especially the Sciences. We have developed a range of techniques for improving vocabulary and spelling, including work with Latin or Greek origins and work with literature. Relevant I.T.skills, statistics and algebra are obviously vital for Maths and the Sciences.

Personality Profiling

Personality Dimensions
The 4 Temperaments
Personality and Psychometrics

Although there are many ways to categorize types of people and personalities can change slightly over time, it is still very useful for a student to consider his or her ways of operating, preferences, strengths and weaknesses etc. Myers-Briggs typing methods allow the student to draw simple and useful conclusions to inform career and study choices. This profiling method is well established, researched and understood.

Further learning and Careers

Enhancing Word Power
I.T. for Small Businesses
H.T.M.L. and JavaScript
Back to Work

For Students wishing to improve their power of expression, vocabulary and Office skills, we offer Modules in English, I.T. and Word Power. Other Useful modules on offer include Producing and editing web pages writing C.V.'s etc. The I.T. Modules in Programming, word processing and using spread sheets also enhance workplace skills. The 'Back to Work' module enhances C.V. writing and other communication skills.

Preparation for University

I.T. Skills
Academic Study Skills
Maths Skills
E.F.L. and Cultural Awareness
Academic English

Students from overseas, needing to improve their English and adapt to U.K. culture, teaching methods etc., or UK students wishing to improve their academic writing and study skills, can benefit from our university preparation programs. All students learn Academic English, Maths, statistics and I.T. (internet research, computer modelling etc). Students can also take other Preparatory Modules relevant to their degree.

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